Prime Energy Activation and Transcendence
The Spiritual technologies of Zivorad Slavinski

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Prime Energy Activation and Transcendence or PEAT is a processing method which uses the acupuncture points on the body to gently address and release barriers to our natural state of spiritual freedom and peace, which is our birthright.  Beginning with the dualistic nature of everyday life and especially the highly polarized states we are in when we experience our deepest problems, PEAT provides a method for lifting consciousness to a level where the Unity of all experience becomes clear.

PEAT differs significantly from other meridian-based therapies, in part because its goal is the integration of polarities.  It works on a deeper level than the solution of a single problem, but instead releases the charge around a chain of experiences by integrating the polarities on which these experiences are founded.  As this occurs, presenting issues come into an entirely new non-dual perspective.

It is not a single-session cure, although profound changes can occur rapidly.  It is a practice that over time can lift the heavy stress and distortion of the ego.  The lifting of the demands of ego makes for a great sense of choice and freedom, even in the midst of the sometimes crazy environment of this world.  And so, the PEAT practices go way beyond the therapy room and way beyond the solution to problems.  This is a spiritual technology system you can learn and integrate into your own life by practicing solo as often as you wish. It has the potential to take you on a journey on which you can rediscover you True Nature, which is Unified.


PEAT was developed by Serbian teacher and mystic, Zivorad Slavinski.

There are several processes that make up the PEAT system.  Deep PEAT, DP-2, Dp-4 and Direct Integration PEAT.  The Unification Process addresses the polarity of Time, past and future.  Unification is often taught in the regular PEAT workshop or can be requested in your sessions.

If you’re interested in integrating these practices into your life and have questions, contact me.  Once you learn the PEAT system, you can use it freely on your own for spiritual development.  You can also help friends and family as a PEAT processor. 

Solving the fundamental problems in your life
The Dualistic Dilemma
There are two fundamental possibilities for us as conscious human beings: dualistic and unified consciousness. Most human beings live predominantly on the dualistic plane, in which they see, perceive, and experience everything in opposites. It is always either/or, good or bad, destroying or creating, advancing or retreating, freedom or slavery, love or freedom, life or death, I or you… endlessly…

Connected with this dualistic consciousness is this strange fact: all of us have one single most fundamental problem in life. Mystic masters say that if we do not resolve this fundamental problem in this lifetime we will have to return to work further on it in future lifetimes. Now, using the PEAT process, it is possible to solve that problem across all your lifetimes.

In 1999, Zivorad Slavinski created Primordial Energy Activation and Transcendence (PEAT) from roots in various systems of Energy Psychology. Shortly after its creation, he made an essential creative breakthrough which allows you to transcend dualistic consciousness and to effectively solve hard-core problems – most importantly, your core, fundamental life problem. His presentations of PEAT were very well received at the Toronto Energy Psychology Conference in November 2000 and at the European Energy Psychology Conference in Switzerland in July 2001.

At its basic level, which is called Shallow Processing, PEAT is similar to other energy psychology systems, involving the acupressure and the heart chakra systems.

In PEAT Deep Processing you start with a problem and you uncover deeper and quite different contents in the chain of links leading to the deepest cause of the problem you started with. Each session lasts from 15 minutes to two hours (on average 40 minutes). When you reach the deepest cause, the problem vanishes for good.

Breaking free of the see-saw
Most importantly, in one to three sessions of PEAT Deep Processing, you are able to uncover, make conscious and Neutralize your Primordial Polarities (“Primes” for short). Neutralization of your Primes solves your most fundamental problem forever. You can’t avoid this resolution, even if you wanted to. This process liberates each human being from the deadly grasp of the fundamental forces of duality. At the moment when you discover your own Primes (Primordial Polarities) there is a Neutralization of opposites. You see one Primordial Polarity in another and vice versa. You become ONE. You are one with the Cosmos.

Just before the moment of Neutralization there is often a short period of confusion. You may become a bit dizzy and disoriented. This is natural, of course, because the playground on which the game of life was played vanishes. It is like a sudden vanishing of the walls of the jail you have lived in for all your lifetimes.

The Primes encountered are very simple and basic. Here are some examples:

  • Good and Bad
  • Approaching and Retreating
  • Creating and Destroying
  • Potential and Actual
  • I and Not-I
  • I and Others
  • Tiny and Endless
  • Power and Powerlessness
  • Material and Divine
  • This World and Other World

 What is the value of this neutralization experience? Exaltation doesn’t last long, it’s true. But your whole life becomes clear to you. You will realize the game of life you used to play in many different variations unconsciously and compulsively. You are set free from your main compulsions. You could still play the same games, but now you can choose other games as well. You have freedom to… and freedom from…

Furthermore, after uncovering and Neutralizing your Primes you become more conscious of new and old problems, but all your problems are solved much more quickly. Their structure often follows your fundamental game of life in endless variations, which you will now be able to perceive.

Until recently, only a small number of people knew about this process. The reason for this is simple. The Neutralization of one’s Primordial Polarities was a secret for many centuries, within systems such as the Tarot, Middle Age alchemy and 19th century occultism. Taoism and Zen clearly appreciated this process. The Kabala is about Neutralization of Opposites. You must Neutralize these Primordial Polarities and bring your own consciousness to the central point encompassing both, to the Middle Pillar. In its essence, alchemy is about Neutralization of polarities – this is the biggest secret of that Spiritual science. Advaita Vedanta, one of the most profound systems of practical philosophy, speaks only about non-duality. “Advaita” means non-dual.

Since the creation of PEAT more than 1000 people have Neutralized their Primes and freed themselves from the most fundamental, unconscious and compulsive problem of their whole life (and many life times before). The changes in their lives have been profound and substantial.

Theoretical explanations for Primordial Polarities are in their early stages of development. Here is Zivorad Slavinski’s current understanding of this process. Shortly after a Spiritual Being enters from Unmanifested universe (Void, Brahma, Sunyata, Tao…) for the first time into this universe of matter, energy, time and space, the Spiritual Being posts two energetic pillars at its entrance – his/her first Yin and Yang. These pillars define the Being’s playground. From that moment onward the Being plays this fundamental game of life between them.

A Being’s Primes are the highest goals a Being wants to attain, again and again. They are a Being’s most powerful attractors. Each Being has a particular set of Primordial Polarities, which might or not be the same as those of others. A principal characteristic of a Being’s fundamental game of life is that it is unconscious and compulsive. Primordial Polarities cause life to see-saw. In endless life situations the Being oscillates unconsciously and compulsively between the Primordial Polarities. They are not fixed values, but are like alternating electric current. For a period of time, one Polarity seems to be the positive goal (a Being strives with all their power to attain it) and another is negative (and the Being does their best to avoid it). But after some time their values swap and each Polarity takes on the opposing role.

Most importantly for Spiritual development and for everyday life as well, you can’t solve your most fundamental problem in life until you attain the Neutralization of your Primordial Polarities. Practicing different spiritual disciplines can enable you to disengage from or de-energize that problem for a short time – truncate it, so to say – but sooner or later it gets reactivated. When you address it with PEAT Deep Processing, you become acutely aware of your earlier life as a series of compulsive and unconscious oscillations from one Primordial Polarity to another. Of course, the Neutralization of Primordial Polarities doesn’t solve all your problems, just the most fundamental one. There are many others problems based on dualities, but they will be solved much more easily and quickly with the same Deep PEAT process.